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This is the way to pay the price to move forward in life for your future. This video is an incredible additional resource to the mini blog below to summarize and inspire you that the value of your dream and future are far greater in worth than the cost you will pay to achieve and get to it!


I sometimes have wished that my problems would be more simplistic, that the answers I’ve sought for could be found quicker, that life could be much easier; yet these feelings and thoughts leave us wounded, empty and powerless. I’ve asked myself two questions and they have revolutionized my life and I want you to ask them yourself today.

1. Am I patient and persistent enough?

Really, though, are you? Have you given yourself the benefit of the doubt that even the days you feel you’ve accomplished nothing that you’re still taking a step at a time? I get frustrated sometimes because I have such high expectations for myself and others. I want everything done immediately and I often ask myself, “Am I taking daily steps towards my dreams?” If “yes” then I’m doing great and I need to be a little bit more patient in my persistence.
Individuals that have produced a vision know that it takes decades, usually a lifetime, to finally reach the top of their dream. The difference between someone who enjoys and doesn’t enjoy their journey is just knowing that it’s just a matter of time before reaching the top.

Watch This Video to Better Understand the Best Way to Pay the Price for Your Future.

2. Is my dream worth the price I will have to pay for it?

If the cost of your dream is cheap you will never pay the price. If your dream is expensive and the value you get out of it priceless then you will do whatever it takes to achieve it. Everything in life is balanced on cost and benefit. Have you considered the price of your dream? Have you thought about how much money, time, energy and commitment your dream will cost you?
I believe that when you start to count the cost and realize its value then you will move from dreaming to doing! Go out and pay the price for your future today.

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