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What does purpose mean to you?

What is your most purposeful activity in life?

What would you be willing to give up to gain a greater sense of daily purpose?

Purpose has been talked about for thousands of years. This is not a new topic, but what is new is the practical application purpose has in our lives in a 21st-century world. Did you know that 70 percent of people don’t believe they are engaged in purposeful living and have checked out in life? You’d think since this is such an important topic that companies, schools, families and life would revolve around meaning and purpose yet few are equipped for it.

Years ago a lot of my life was given to chance. I would be considered in this 70 percent. I was living and working from a limited belief system and perspective. I had dreams and aspirations but don’t we all? They were wishes, not resolves that I made in life. If I would have stayed the same, I would still be praying and hoping that things would change in my life. It wasn’t until I began to tap into this unused potential called purpose that my life began to transform.

The first realization was that purpose is much less a destination and much more a discipline.

Purpose isn’t something we arrive to or apprehend. It is the tension we fight for every day, and it allows us to live a life of satisfaction. I thought purpose would be “one day” when I lived on my own, bought my own house, graduated from college, made a ton of money, got married, had kids, worked my dream job, or became my own boss. But what I soon realized was that purpose isn’t found in having any of these things. It is found in the tension of knowing myself and not losing myself in the pursuit of these things.

Purpose wasn’t getting a job that made me more money or becoming my own boss. Purpose was giving my best right now. It’s the disciplines, principles, and values that we choose to live out every day, including mental, spiritual, relational, financial and the list goes on. When you harness this power of purpose in life your joy, relationships and potential become limitless.

So I want to share with you five simple purposeful disciplines that changed my life. This isn’t a quick fix. These are disciplines that take months to see the rewards. Many can discredit and even roll their eyes thinking, “Well, I already know what he’s going to say,” but few purpose to make these decisions and disciplines theirs.

They do it because their parents, leaders, job or external sources of power tell them what to do. They are constantly victimized by circumstances and never create a reality for their life that they see in their dreams. As you’re reading, I want you to really think how these five disciplines can be implemented into your life.

1. Create A Routine

Routines have been my most helpful tool when it comes to creating a healthy and growing life and business. I have a twist to routines though that have given me freedom and it has revolutionized the boring and rigid idea of a routine. So here are a few of my routines in life:

  • Wake up early
  • Shower every day
  • Drive to work
  • Drink coffee in the morning
  • Kiss my wife and kids every time I come home
  • Create purposeful content & consume purposeful content every day

But here is my kicker:

  • Break my routines as often as possible to create positive change

I never want to be at the mercy of my discipline or routine that I’m incapable of changing things up. What I’ll often do is change things up just to push myself into different environments to see if I’m disciplined because of my routine or if I’m really disciplined.

Here is an example. This past year, half of my team and my family decided we were going to head to LA for three months from January to March. We had a good reason: to escape the Michigan winter, build relationships out west, strengthen current relationships out west and the list goes on. But for me, it was more of a challenge to conquer than anything else.

Could we leave our hometown, live in a small house alone, keep up with deadlines and productivity, still all love and even like each other at the end? Well, we did. For me, if was some of the most productive time I had in years.

To go to Los Angeles, California for three months and see if we could continue and keep up with our activity and growth. To change the scenery and get out of our comfort zone. So we got one little house with three rooms. The living room and kitchen were connected for two couples, three babies under two years old, making up five adults. It worked. It was amazing and we cut it down to one month because some opportunity opened up and we had to move on it.

Have disciplines and have routines but be rigid about your relationships and that only.

2. Prioritizing My Day & My Relationships

Every day has its own set of deadlines and activities pressing on us. The list, email, mail, bills and demands never end. If we allow our external realities to control our days and relationships we will never get far in life.

Every day I have a to-do list. I have to re-prioritize it every day and its fluid. One thing my brother taught me that has constantly been the best purposeful discipline is to write down one to three things that need to get done then make sure they do. That way all the other distractions can be there but we are locked in on our most important tasks.

Purpose is prioritization.

The same goes for our relationships. We have people in our lives that are more important than others. We have our spouse, children, inner circle, family, friends, outer circle and off the map people. We have to know who is in what circle. What’s paramount is that we prioritize our most important relationships. Everyone else takes care of themselves.

When I use to look at my weeks I’d spend five to six nights without my wife and sometimes we would go way too long without plugging in and being purposeful about time together. Things weren’t as healthy or growing as they could have been. What I realized was that when Lizzy and I are doing good, everything else just falls into place. When we aren’t then everything falls apart.

Take care of who is most important before you take care of what’s most important.

3. Living Vulnerably & Transparently

This has been a journey. It is constantly growing for me but it’s being unafraid of people seeing all your mess and crap. People have such high expectations for all of us and they’re mostly unrealistic. Living vulnerable and transparent can be hard when we show our true self and are shamed or rejected.

Sadly, people can’t deal with imperfections, yet we all grossly have them. This purposeful decision started by saying to myself, “I am not going to live in secret, celebrate in secret and struggle in secret.” When you live transparently, no one has anything on you. There is a sense of freedom because people who are “hiding” or ashamed of people seeing the realities of their life really do live in fear.

I use to be that person living in fear, with secrets about my life that if others heard about I’d be ashamed of. Now I have shared some pretty dark secrets with friends and leaders in my life but if they exposed them all today, honestly I don’t care. I’m ok with who I am and what my struggles are. They’re real, real nasty and I’m working on them every day. What really matters is that those who matter most will understand and empathize with me.

A practical step in this is really counting the cost of why you allow others opinions to hold you back from 100 percent freedom and transparency. If people care, they probably are holding you back anyway. Let go and let them be themselves. They will define the relationship.

4. Build Out Goals

Again this is one of those, “OK OK OK, we’ve heard it a hundred times.” But really nothing has transformed my life like writing out my yearly goals and then my daily and weekly, monthly and quarterly goals. In our company, no one is allowed to tell anyone what to do without giving a deadline. Goals are dreams with deadlines.

When I hear people don’t purpose to write goals I hear that they purpose to live less than their potential will allow them to. Goals are pressure points. They are expectations and driving factors. Every week I revise, update and meditate on my goals. I connect with them, speak them out loud and really allow them to sink into my subconscious so I can unconsciously move into the direction of their accomplishment.

I have an incredible 100 percent FREE course on how to write life-changing goals. It’s about a $150 value that we just give out as a free resource because it’s almost selfish for us to not give it away and unleash people into their greatness. Check it out here.

5. Learn From Others

Here is a stifling statistic: 95 percent of people say they don’t know their calling.

Well if only 5 percent know their calling then something really brilliant would be to make friends with that 5 percent and ask them their secrets. Find those that are doing what you’d love to do, living how you’d love to live and are who you want to be and ask them, “So, how did you do it?”

If you didn’t know, I started a podcast called the Dreamcast. You can check it out here, but it has literally become my greatest personal development tool that I’ve ever had in my life. We host the greatest minds in the universe and get their wisdom on how they accomplished all they have in life. They had a dream and they turned it into a reality out of nothing and they have a blueprint to the reality.

It’s like my personal online mentoring program. These men and women have accumulated billions of dollars, spoken to millions of people and influenced the globe in a way I could dream of. Listening to their stories will help you realize that you can and will go further by simply learning and listening to them.

If this message about these five disciplines spoke to you, please share it with others. Be the purpose in someone’s life today by sending out purpose driven content!

In conclusion:

Your disciplines mark out your destiny. Your priorities your purpose. We have noticed that the world and every person in it wants to make their life count. Most don’t know how and few create content that is the complete story and breakdown of finding purpose. The strategy and plan that we have created have been used as the framework for our Pioneer Purpose program.

The 12 courses, 48 lessons, PDF packs, guides, extra resources and everything in the program will give you a discipline and plan that will launch you. We’d be honored to make you a part of this to not only be a part of our tribe but to pioneer purpose in your life. If you’d like to join the community then clicking the link below and sign up today.

Pioneer Your Purpose

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