Do you have a dream life you want to live? To often we chase empty dreams because were waiting for the right moment or perfect opportunity to hunker down, work hard and make our dream a reality. Our guest today describes how he created his dream out of nothing and how you can to.

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On Todays Show We Will Be Discussing:

  • How To Pursue Your Dreams When Your Young
  • How To Create Defining Life Changing Moments
  • How To Inspire Others To Make A Difference

Seth Maxwell is the CEO and founder of The Thirst Project. It’s the largest youth water organization in the world that has educated 300,000 students in 320 schools about the water crisis. Seth has garnered some huge celebrity relationships around his cause and the organization has raised $8,000,000 in just seven years. Their goal is to be the first organization to bring clean water to an entire nation by 2022: Swaziland. Because of his passion to help the world, 280,000 people now have safe clean drinking water. He’s young, passionate and ready to change the world.

Takeaways From The Episode:

  • How to overcome the fear of change and risk in your life.
  • How to go out and create your dream life and job.
  • The most difficult seasons are the most rewarding times.
  • Difficult season require us to innovate, transform and grow.
  • Don’t wait for a wake up call or perfect opportunity to start something amazing.
  • Transactional relationships wont last and have very little meaning.
  • Facts about anyone building anything has someone believing in them.
  • Staying true to yourself starts with asking what will the end result be.

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