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Too many Millennial women today feel stuck between their careers and their families and are unsure what is the right choice, often even feeling guilty when they choose one way or the other. Lisen Stromberg is dedicating her life to change this, and is educating Millennials on how to integrate and balance work life AND home life. On today’s episode of the Dreamcast, Lisen talks about her own family’s experience, her brand new book, and prioritizing the important things in life.

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Lisen Stromberg lives to empower women and the workplace. A journalist, speaker, consultant, innovator, and mom, she is also CEO and founder of PrismWork, a consulting business, and COO of The 3% Conference, an organization dedicated to changing the ratio of women in leadership in the advertising industry. She is also Chair of the Board for Friday5, and is an award-winning independent journalist published in the New York Times, Fortune, Newsweek,, MSNBC, Salon, and countless other publications.

Just last month, Lisen published her very first book, Work Pause Thrive: How to Pause for Parenthood Without Killing Your Career. In her research, she interviewed 186 women and surveyed nearly 1,500 others to understand how successful women have integrated kids with their careers. She learned that 61% of Millennial women plan to pause their careers when they become mothers, and 77% of Millennial fathers have already changed jobs in order to have better work/life balance. Additionally, the burden of student debt coupled with the high cost of childcare mean many couples are forced to choose, and it’s often the women who pause their careers. These statistics caused Lisen to want to make a change in the world, and she now lives her purpose providing the next generation with insights and answers so they can better integrate kids with their careers.

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