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Steve Lesnard is an innovative executive with 20+ years’ experience leading high-profile business growth, global brand campaigns, revolutionary product launches and strategic partnerships across sports, technology and lifestyle. Mr Lesnard is a creative and strategic brand leader with a proven track record of integrated marketing excellence and digital innovation in an ever-evolving consumer landscape. Steve has high-profile general management experience, driving an integrated P&L of $5+ billion wholesale annually. He is a dynamic and passionate leader who thrives on inspiring teams and nurturing distinctive ideas through curiosity, diverse thinking and empowerment. Steve believes in the power of big ideas that challenge the status quo, the ability of passionate people to bring them to life and the positive impact ideas can have on the world.


  1. How to build consumer centric brands
  2. How to establish an authentic and real connection with consumers
  3. Why your brand should not capitalizing on trends and political positions

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