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Prasanth Chilukuri has many years in the automotive repair service industry. He has been the Manager of Business Development at Motorwerks Automotive since 2007. Seeing a need for a modern yet simple platform for auto repair shop businesses, he co-founded Tekmetric alongside Sunil Patel in 2015.

Sunil Patel has been associated with seven companies, according to public records. The companies were formed over a thirty-six year period with the most recent being incorporated one year ago in May of 2017. Six of the companies are still active while the remaining one is now listed as inactive.

Founders (Prasanth Chilukuri and Sunil Patel) of Tekmetric, a shop management system launched in February 2018, are working on additional features for credit-card purchasing and online parts ordering. The goal is to provide independent shop owners with a modern, all-in-one platform, Executive Vice President and CFO Prasanth Chilukuri said.

Chilukuri and co-founder and CEO Sunil Patel started Houston-based Sparkplug Studios LLC in 2015 to work on a modern solution. They designed Tekmetric based on personal experiences and feedback from the industry. Patel and another co-founder run Motorwerks auto repair facilities in Houston and suburban Detroit.

Tekmetric is cloud-based, based on Amazon Web Services and available for unlimited users per location. It works on any device with an Internet connection and includes invoice approvals through text messaging, photos of repairs, appointment and reminder scheduling with a built-in calendar, and workflow management features.

So far, interest has come from the United States and Canada, he said, with about 135 Tekmetric demonstrations in the pipeline.

The company is now working on services that would work with Tekmetric. Tekmerchant for credit-card purchasing could be ready in six to eight months. And, the company is working on Tekparts, for online parts sales.


  1. Learning from your failures, and moving forward in life.
  2. Understanding that everyone will encounter struggles and trials, we just may not witness them.
  3. Going to school, for one thing, does not mean a dead end, you could end up in a field or area that you never expected to get into.

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