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James Chapman is Founder and CEO of Plain Sight, a company that allows people who work on-the-go to build professional connections with each other in gathering spaces. The company derived from him being a serial entrepreneur and his passion for helping budding entrepreneurs. Prior to Plain Sight, he worked with Rock Ventures to help Detroit-based entrepreneurs start, grow, and scale their businesses.

This done largely through a $1M pitch competition, Quicken Loans Detroit Demo Day. Prior to moving to Detroit from his hometown of Chattanooga he ran a workspace open in the evening hours (6pm – midnight) for side-hustlers that work full-time during the day. He is a published author of #TheHustle, and in 2014, he delivered a TEDx talk entitled Create a Culture of Selflessness. His first company launched was an oil change delivery company in 2013. James earned his bachelors degree in communications and marketing from Bluefield College.


  1. How to hustle yourself into the ideal position
  2. How to craft the perfect investor pitch
  3. Why building connections is the key to success

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