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Ed lives and leads our creed to “share fitness”, driving national partnerships, business development opportunities, and fundraising. With nearly 10 years in the fitness industry, and a background in digital health behavior research, Ed continues to push the envelope on innovation in the fitness-technology space. He is passionate about designing new ways to drive engagement and help deliver flexibility and personalization to the health and wellness marketplace. If you’ve met Ed, he’s probably invited you to an interval class. Ed holds a PhD in Digital Health Behavior, and a Master’s of Public Health, from the University of Florida.

Having a have a strong passion for creating amazing solutions guided me to multiple opportunities working with some of the most talented teams innovating the health & wellness space. As a fitness lover, digital health behavioral researcher, and entrepreneur, my skills of in-depth research to understand populations, and lead teams to build innovative new products improved health outcomes across multiple marketplaces.

Ed has a successful track record of raising funds, building and developing technology start-ups, securing national partnerships, and conducting digital health behavior research at an academic institution. Leveraging advanced qualitative/quantitative methods, business development, identifying new market solutions, and building/launching effective solutions are areas he’s proven to be able to add instant value to any team.


  1. How to create value as a small company with big players.
  2. How to build a team of superstars and convince them to stay long-term.
  3. How to attract big players when raising capital for a startup.

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