We’re all looking for fulfillment and achievement in life. A lot of us get pulled into patterns and journeys while looking for success in all the wrong ways. Instead of sharing how to find success and defining its borders, I’d much rather share the three ways you never want to succeed in life.


1. What’s worse than failure?

Succeeding in something that doesn’t matter. What if you get to the end of life and realize that you sold out for someone or something that didn’t really matter? I’d rather see you push your whole life failing towards a goal and dream that mattered than succeeding in something that only left you empty, broken and purposeless in the end.

2. Becoming successful in something you don’t love; Life is short.

You were meant not only to become successful but to do it from a place of core values and competencies. Many work their whole life to earn a living rather than building their whole life earning around a purpose and passion. Get up everyday succeeding at the thing you were placed on this Earth for.

3. I’m successful in what I love, but I’m still miserable.

We were all made to have passion in life. I am passionate about my job, and I love it so much that I could work every hour of every day yet this would be a wrecking ball to my personal health and family. If I do not create healthy boundaries around my passions they can take over my life. So many entrepreneurs, leaders, and pioneers love what they do, but deprive themselves of the most needed and valuable things in life: people, exercise, time alone, memories, etc.

Success is a great goal, but don’t succeed at the cost and price of losing the things most value to you in life.

Here are three tips on how you should never succeed in life.
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