Depression is becoming an epidemic in our country. Within the past two decades, the use of antidepressant pills has skyrocketed. One in ten Americans uses antidepressant medication. For anyone reading right now that has suffered from the feelings of depression, you know that it is one of the most crippling feelings. You become selfish, angry, dissatisfied, and purposeless. You lose control and can’t make sense of life or the problems you’re facing.

There are thousands of triggers that can bring the feelings of depression in our lives. Whether it is the stress of our job, relationships, fear of failure or success, busyness, anxiety, anger, loneliness or the pain of a losing someone, it is a reality that needs a better solution than just medication. I have seen in my life that natural remedies can also be a solution to circumvent depression.


Circumvention is the art of anticipating or outwitting defeat, failure or unpleasant feelings. I have seen these natural ways circumvent the attack of depression in my life. We can’t anticipate when depression will attack but we can better fortify our lifestyle for when it does happen.

I have struggled in different phases of my life with the feelings of depression. When I was in high school, I wasn’t at a lack of good friends. I grew up in an incredible family. I was well liked in private school and I had no major illnesses, deaths, financial tragedy or issues happen that others have had to maneuver through. But I still struggled with strong feelings of depression.

Throughout my life, I have learned a few things that help me get unstuck from my feelings. So I put together six natural ways that you can implement in your life today. They have worked for me and I hope they help you as well.

Six Natural Ways To Combat Depression

1) Hit The Gym

Whenever I find myself in a rut or those feelings of negativity and depression come on me I hit the gym. If my mind is restless or I am working so hard that I neglect my personal health I know that there’s an imbalance in my priorities. Exercise has helped trigger my mental and emotional health to shift in a different direction.

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Exercise releases neurotransmitters, endorphins, and endocannabinoids. If you’re like me you don’t know what those words mean. Trust me, I get it. Basically, they are feel-good brain chemicals that fight against depression.

2) Create A Routine

If you fail to plan then you plan to fail. Without a clear picture of where you’re going in life, you’ll end up arriving at the wrong destination. This is a pitfall for depression. So create a routine that includes exactly what are you going to accomplish on a weekly basis. Then stick to it.

Believe it or not, thousands have been set free from depression by creating and sticking to a routine in their life.

3) Do Something Special For Someone

Depression comes from spending too much time thinking about yourself. What you don’t have, what you should have done and where you should be. It’s a form of selfishness. It makes life all about me, me, me. Focusing on what really matters, such as loving and giving to others, helps us rediscover the purpose in life. We are connected back to joy when we care for the poor and watch others succeed.

So take moment and think about how you could help someone else in our world. Become externally focused on helping someone around you. Buy someone a coffee, write a friend or family an encouraging card, go volunteer at a food bank or give back to your community.

4) Spend Time With Positive Family & Friends

Depression can usually make you feel alone and isolated. The key is to get around people that love and care for you; people that can encourage you; and people committed to seeing you through your situation no matter what. They won’t judge you for what you’re going through and can be a source of hope.

Whenever my wife leaves town she has this joke that I can NEVER be alone and it’s true. I will schedule a friend to stay the night almost every night she’s away. I hate being alone. It’s a curse and it’s boring. Don’t get me wrong. I get plenty of “me” time. But being with people just makes me happy. I genuinely love people and that’s why one of my cure-alls is spending time with family and friends.

5) Do Something New

Some are doing the same thing and expecting different results. So change things up. Break a bad habit or routine. For me, whenever I feel like I’m in a funk I’ll quickly change something in my lifestyle. If I was waking up at 8:30 I would start setting my alarm for 6 or 7. If I wasn’t getting enough sleep I would sleep in for one day.

Create a change and do something new.  Switch things up.  If you don’t have any hobbies, then find one. You’ll be amazed how it changes your perspective on life.

6) Speak Life

Depression brings on a sense of inadequacy or insecurity. When you compare yourself, your life or where you’re at with others it can make you feel as though you’re not good enough. The key is learning how to speaking life over yourself.

I cannot tell you how many times that I have reshaped my mental world with my words. It’s a principle that always works. Speak words of encouragement into your life and do it out loudly. I am sure it can feel uncomfortable and weird but it will change your current reality to a higher principle truth of who you are and what you were created to be.

In Conclusion:

There are hundreds of natural ways that can counteract the feelings of depression. These are just a quick six so start to make the best of your circumstances by choosing a new response in life. Each day has a purpose so don’t let depression steal your joy for today.

What have you tried that has helped you break free of your emotions? Have you ever gone through a difficult battle with depression? Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor. Any views I express on my site are based on personal experiences, & should never be taken as medical advice. If you struggle with anxiety symptoms, bipolar disorder, signs of depression, suffering from emotional pain, crying excessively, please consult a medical professional immediately. This blog is not a substitute for medication or prescription of a doctors opinion.


This blog’s purpose is to create value and methods on how to combat and beat feelings and early signs of depression, sadness, hurt or pain. If you are looking for small quick techniques to naturally create remedies for your emotions and feelings that you feel are out of balance. If you know a friend or family that would benefit from something inspirational like this then please share it.

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  • Crystal M says:

    These are seemingly great ideas, but what do you do if you don’t have the drive to actually do these things?

    • Great comment Crystal. I think that your comment is very realistic and bound to happen. One of my ideas would be do you live with anyone or have a friend or family member that can keep you accountable? Text you once every other day about keeping up with one. Creating the drive isn’t hard but its not necessarily easy either. Another small things that helped me is scheduling it in my calendar so i get the reminder in a day or an hour that I made a commitment to do it. Also you can set a reward maybe its workout and loose 2 pounds and every two weeks of consecutive work out you force yourself to a treat or $50 spending bonus. Just a few quick thoughts.

    • Phyllis Smith says:

      Thanks for the tips of a simple but effective cure for depression. 2 of these I have done in my life lots of exercise between working out and treadmill really makes a difference. I do volunteer my time in the food pantry and a thrift store. Organizing social gatherings. The only thing I can’t conquer is my sleep habits

  • Selmene says:

    Excellent post, thanks

  • Lauren says:

    While these are great tips for people who are feeling blue or down in the dumps, if you are truly depressed, feeling hopeless or as if there is no way out, it is absolutely imperative that you seek help with a licensed professional. Not necessarily medication, but a trained professional therapist who can help. Don’t go it alone.

    • Thank you Lauren for saying this. I 100% agree. If you are have feelings here and there, thats one thing but if someone is struggling they need to seek help. Appreciate your comment and know it adds so much value.

  • Joe says:

    I have had suicidal thoughts for a long time now. I have seen professionals and taken medication… doesn’t seem to work. What does seem to work a little bit, as long as I stay consistent, are affirmations, visualization, and like you said, going to the gym and training my butt off. Music also helps me. I recently purchased a gun which I think may have been a mistake. I put it to my head all the time. I have to break this somehow. I enjoyed your post and everything you say is absolutely effective but the key is staying consistent. When I asked my doctor why I keep going back into this state of depression he said its where I feel most comfortable. It makes sense in that sometimes I want to cry and cry hard, and I do. Even though I know how to break the pattern, I almost would rather be sad… very odd. At least I am aware of it. I am 52 years old, I have a great job and 2 beautiful daughters. I am going through a divorce that I don’t want but I don’t have any choice since I think she created most of my depressed state. Actually, I take full responsibility for my depression. You know what they say: “No one can upset you unless you give them permission”. Thanks again for your tips.

    • Joe, Thank you for your honesty and post. I want you to know that I just had my second daughter and as they grow as a man and father I will be their most influential figure. I hurt for the situation your in and truly want you to be free and whole. I want you to find me on all my social media specifically Facebook ( where I post once a day something powerful and encouraging. A few things. I first want you to stay constantly in contact with your doctor(s) that is thee most important and do what they say. 2nd I can only imagine what your going through with a divorce but you need to separate your personal value and joy being attached to someone else. 3rd get rid of your gun TODAY. GIVE it away, sell it or go to someone trusted and don’t buy them. I take your life very seriously and i hear in your voice you understand the seriousness and sensitivity of your situation. You can’t allow your future or emotions to be someone elses responsibility. You have a bright future and its because of who you are. These are the types of things that even bring healing in relationships. You have purpose and no one can be more responsible than you about it. I believe in you Joe. I really do.

  • Aidan says:

    My dad committed suicide four years ago after I yelled at him and was absolutely mad at him. I was 10 turning 11 that year. I’ve done all most everything on this list but none of the have worked, I’ve never had suicidal thoughts but I’m always hunted by it. I’ve only told the friends I trust the most, my mom doesn’t know that I’m depressed. What should I do? I cry myself to sleep every other night.

    • Aidan, Thanks for sharing this. I am really sorry that you’ve had to go through this and I really believe in who you are and what your destiny is on your life. First if there are any thoughts and pain or suicidal thoughts you should tell those close to you and get help immediately. It is such a serious thing and their are people that can help. I have struggled at times in my life and theres no 1-2-3 step to fix all but most of the time getting out of a funk or depression takes the help of find purpose. Directing our life in helping others, making a difference in the world. I would love to have you begin to read and watch everything I put out and begin to try and embrace a life of purpose. I know this is vague but I do believe that each day when you get up finding a new and beautiful reason to live and celebrate that life. Beginning to read and develop yourself and also getting in the act of being quiet. One thing that I personally do is prayer and reading text about a man named Jesus. These are just a few steps but also I have a podcast and I post something daily if not more on my facebook profile if you want to go and follow and read it everyday to bring inspiration and purpose.

  • eebest8 says:

    I think other web-site proprietors should take this website as an model, very clean and great user genial style and design, let alone the content. You are an expert in this topic!

    • Thank you for your saying that, to receive more inspiring post you can subscribe here:

      • B Roman says:

        Daniel, I am pleased at your energy /earnestness to help people with depression. Please take care to make your responses in simple, complete sentences that will not confuse your readers. Proofreading is paramount, including spelling! I work in a Long-Term Acute Care Hospital setting where patients and family members are often depressed for real reasons, and unfortunately, they cannot take action on your 6 suggestions. I would look forward to any insights that you may have for this delicate population.

  • Anonymous says:

    Daniel I have tried all of your solutions to depression but none of them have worked for me. I keep having suicidal thoughts and one time while I was just sitting in my room I really considered grabing my pocket knife and ending it but then I forced myself not to. I know why I have depression and that reason is because when I was three my parents got a divorce and every day all I want to do is cry my eyes out because when I’m with my mom and step dad I want to cry because I don’t get to see my dad and family up in Chicago and then when I’m with my dad I want to cry my eyes out because I miss my family about 3 1/2 hours south of Chicago. Just a few minutes before I posted this I silently cryed my eyes out. I don’t know what I should do about this. I haven’t taken antidepressant pills or anything to get rid of depression. I’m only eleven and I don’t want to live every day feeling like I want to cry my eyes out.please help give me a solution on what I should do about this. Also I don’t have Facebook so I won’t be able to see everything you’ve posted on it about getting rid of depression.I really don’t want to give out my real name because my parents would kill me and you know how that is. I have spoken about life from my view to my parents, I’ve tried to get out of some habits of mine which I have been successful at, I’ve tried to spend all of my time with my family and friends,I’ve tried to tell my crush that I like her and I’ve also tried to make my brother’s life as good as possible, I’ve tried to make a good routine for myself, every time possible I try to work out but none of it works for me. The only thing that does work for me is hanging out with my crush and I don’t want to bug her constantly but she is the only thing that works for me at getting rid of depression at that moment but when I’m not near her, my depression comes back to me at full force. Please Daniel on what I should do about this. Your website is amazing your tips are good ones but they sadly don’t work for me. Thank you for your time. Your are truly inspiring for all of us who do have the horrible thing that they call depression. Thank you Daniel your awesome! -p.s. I really don’t want to get rid of my pocket knife because it was a gift from my grandparents and it is a nice knife.

  • Anonymous says:

    Anonymous again, I don’t have suicidal thoughts all the time but I still get them every now and then. That’s all I have to say in this post. You’re still awesome Daniel.

  • says:

    Muchos Gracias for your blog.Much thanks again. Cool.

  • says:

    Say, you got a nice blog post. Really Cool.

  • Jessie says:

    Hi there,
    My boyfriend is currently suffering from depression as his dad is very sick. He has always dealt with depression but I haven’t seen it get this bad yet. I don’t know how to help, it hurts me so much when I see him not being himself. He tends to bottle things and I’m trying to get him to talk to me more about things. I feel awful because I hope that I don’t make things harder on him. Please help me help him, I don’t even know where to begin. Thanks!

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  • NBA 2K17 says:

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  • anonymous says:

    “It’s a form of selfishness. It makes life all about me, me, me.” – You are misinforming people of what depression actually is. What you refer to as depression is just having the blues or feeling some sadness. Depression is a diagnosed mental illness and needs to be treated by medical professionals, not a blogger with an accounting degree.

  • Jess says:

    As great as your tips are and I do a few of them myself, I simply can’t shake off this funk.. depression it’s very detrimental and crippling. The feeling of loss and hopelessness is all to real to me.. I’ve tried just about everything to try to feel normal and happy, and you no avail. Just temporary successes but nothing permanent. And this Jesus man of who you speak of, also given up on him. Don’t know how many time I asked him to heal me, restore me and free me from my inner demons, and nothing. There is not much fight left in me.

  • angela says:

    I’ve had some major life changes in the past year, I mean major. My best friend passed away within four weeks of cancer, then lost 3 other friends following that. The guy ive been with for five years just moved out of the province. In essence my depression is at an all time high. I never felt so alone and without friends or support. Im having a hard time breaking this major funk but its not just a funk its taken over my life. I wake up feeling like im going to cry everyday with an awful feeling in my stomach. Any words of advice would be helpful. I just wanted to say to people that suffer from moderate to severe depression dont beat yourself up about having fantasies about an easier way out “suicide” being one. It is normal to see and think about things that you usually wouldnt when you feel this depressed. It doesnt mean you are going to act on it but definitely need help at your side. It’s very common to have fears, see the world with blue colored glasses even feel paranoid at times. This is all part of depression I know I’ve felt it. So love yourself and just get some help, keep going! xo angela

    • Christie says:

      Angela, I also lost my best friend to cancer just 6 weeks after diagnosis. I am so sorry to hear that you lost your best friends and 3 others. I can’t imagine losing anyone else right now. It’s been 9 months and not getting any easier. She was my go to support person even though she lived in another state. I try to open up to other friends, but it’s just not the same because they can’t relate to my life. They are all married and busy with their personal lives. I work a lot and spend a lot of time alone. Too much time. I am 49 and live in a small town so the dating pool is non exisitent. I just signed up with a personal trainer next week to start working out so I am hopeful that it helps get me out of my own head for a while. I’ve been going to church, which is a new thing for me this year, playing out doors in nature but it’s not enough.

      I hope you are doing well now as I see your post was from 2016. Thank you for posting your thoughts as it encouraging.

  • Reggie says:

    My boyfriend abandoned me 2 weeks ago without any reason. When you used to see someone you love everyday and one day is gone its totally heartbreaking. I love him so much and I couldn’t make a day without him. I’m trying to divert my mind by making myself busy at work and hitting hard in the gym but most of the time I’m catching myself really sad and crying because I miss him so much.

  • Ruben Santos says:


    It is tough indeed when someone you love leaves you all of the sudden – that happened to me since April when my girlfriend that I have been with for 2 years decided to leave to Puerto Rico with my daughter and demanding to stay there simply because ” she doesn’t like MA”. Before pregnancy we had several conversations regarding moving down south where she wanted to be in 2018, 2019, but not now when our daughter needs stability, family support, and a great education system. There was no reason because we were in good terms. It’s hard to deal with a separation after spending years together but hang in there. Seek for friends and family that loves and understands your situation. Take multivitamin, drink lots of water, have a great diet, and try to sleep well. In addition, keep yourself occupied as much as possible. This is someone of the tips that helped me. I wish you best of luck, and I’m sure you’ll make it! God already created your path in life and perhaps he ain’t the one to spend the rest of your life together..


  • serena says:

    Thank you so much for this. At this time I am all alone and do not have any guidance or any type of support system. As a 21 year old girl this isn’t an easy thing, and you’re so right when dealing with depression and anxiety you do only care about ME ME ME!!! I am trying to seek the help I need just hard with no guidance, thanks for this page I was desperate this morning.

  • Luci says:

    Daniel, I am glad to see that you have found ur way thru a horrible disease! My Mother had a total mental breakdown about 15 years ago, my younger brother committed suicide 8 years ago, I am now dealing with my 23 year old daughter who is struggling with life not going the way she wants and depression and severe anxiety, and my boyfriend who deals with depression and anxiety as well. Both my daughter and my boyfriend mean the world to me and I am not sure how I would function without either one of them if they took that next step like my brother did. This pains me ALL the time. For a normal , mentally minded person, sometimes I find it hard to even know what to say? U can’t force help, and if they are talking irrationally I can’t go along with that jibberish, leaving them to think I am being mean or not on their side. Do you have any advice for people dealing, or talking with people with depression? I feel like I should just shut my mouth half the times and just listen, but not sure that’s all good either?

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