How Not Using A Credit Card Can Destroy Your Life

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For years I have been obsessively fascinated with the idea of having your money work for you rather than you work just for your money. I am not someone who get excited about spending my money because I work so hard for it and I literally not only believe but am convinced that it’s more invigorating having your money, make more money. I am simply now writing this blog to share how using a credit card has helped me earn tons of money in rewards and travel through using credit card.

Over the past 7 years I have signed up for literally probably 25 credit cards, I still have a 785 credit score which is quiet good, no late payments and well over ?$55,000? in benefits accrued through flights, hotels, cash back and gifts by using my credit cards wisely, and utilizing card benefits.

So in this blog I want to give you a few principles I live by that have kept me safe while charging my credit cards and share how not using a credit card can be just as damaging as overusing a credit card. If you are a noncredit card type of person, well we won’t get along, becuase I am passionately convinced that not using a credit card is limiting you. If  you’re a cash only person and have a fear about using credit cards, thinking it is the only way to not go into debt then, I think your not stewarding your money well.

So many blame the credit card for putting them in debt when in reality the thing doesn’t swipe itself. I have met nobody that is $55,000 in debt by using a credit card and that is around what i’ve accumulated in benefits by staying smart and charging everything. With that said I want to share three principles that have helped keep me out of trouble and have maximized my growth and benefit potential.

Lastly I am going to share a few of the best credit cards that I’ve used, and am currently using that I will recommend to you. I have done countless hours of continued research to make sure that my spending and benefit kickbacks are maximized to my lifestyle. I also do refreshers every so often and deep dive to learn about new benefits, renew old ones and remind myself of those that I’ve forgotten about.

In life you’ve been given money not just to spend but to steward. When all is said and done if $1 can become $1.01 then why not allow your spending to create more wealth to spend another day. If your someone who is interested in that, then keep reading!

I am going to share 3 principles and lessons that are non-negotiable and I mean NEVER do I break or not live by them. If you do, well, you are increasing your risk potential to be a victim of your credit card.

  1. ✅ Principle #1 Pretend Your Credit Card Is A Debit Card 

? Lesson #1: Don’t Spend What You Don’t Have.

It’s not revolutionary but common sense doesn’t seem so common to those that want that big screen TV becuase they see a 18 months no interest line of credit.

The rule is simple we treat our credit cards like debit cards and never spend more than we have. We don’t care about interest free, or loans, or buying something cause we get paid in a few days. You don’t spend it if you don’t it cash in your bank right now.

  1. ✅ Principle #2: Delay The Gratification of Spending Your Budget 

? Lesson #2: Your Budget Is Your Parameters, Delay Often…

Most of what we want, we will get, just delay the process, delay the gratification and in time you will weigh out if you still want it. A budget sounds boring, horrible and nauseating in a traditional sense, but I really believe that our budgets have to reflect our dreams, desires and future priority spends. When we do this it gives our budget meaning and value.

Very few people delay their gratification of possessions or material things. Whenever my wife and I want to make a large spend and even for very very small spends, we literally weigh out the decision, whether it be less than $100, $250, $500 or more we take time making an internal decision by considering that 50% of buying ends in remorse because we didn’t really want or need what we bought, or we bought it with the intention that it’d make us happy like our Facebook friends photo made us believe it would and in reality it didn’t. Delay, delay and delay some more and then when we know we really want it and have the money for it, go and buy it.

  1. ✅ Principle #3: Look Often, Payoff Often and Automate Everything 

? Lesson #3: If Your Don’t Know Where It’s Going, Then It’s Gone.

If you don’t tell your money where to go, then it will spend itself. If You Don’t Know Where Your Money Is Going Before You Get It, Then You’ve Already Spent It On Meaningless Things.

I realized this the hard way, no matter how much my earning increased their still is never enough. So many feel like, “wow, what did we even spend this months budget on?” So our rule is look often at what your spending your money on, build a budget based on your income and be happy with what you have, pay your credit card off all the time, we do weekly payoffs, some on monthly automated and even go in and do one time payments when it gets to high. When you can automate this decision making then your safeguarded to have your money work for you!


Before I go into my recommendations if this blog has helped you or gave you any insight or you think a friend may like it please share it on social media or send it to a friend! Ok, continue on…


My Credit Card Recommendations For Business & Personal Use!




Hand Down the best personal credit card that I’ve owned is the Delta Reserve American Express Card. Theirs a signup bonus of MQMs and bonus miles you can spend on future points. After you hit a few qualifying levels you get additional spending that can cover the yearly fee. Literally they give you a companion ticket each year you renew which one year I used for an $800 companion for free and other years $500-600 which literally pays for the cards yearly expense. They have first free bag vouchers, sky club access, travel insurance and protection, purchase protection, roadside assistance for free and tons of others benefits. You can read all the other benefits it gives you on the website but use my referrall link here if you are interested in getting this card!




Ok this card is the most epic and have saved me the most money in the end. I can’t say enough about it but let’s just name a few benefits. First you get $200 for any airline of choice in any type of spending, you get 10 in flight wifi passes which is a $200-$300 benefit, access to the lounges through Priority Pass to 700 lounges world wide and two guests as well as point per point for spending which transfer into just about any benefit program for hotels, travel, flights, etc. You also get Hilton and SPG gold status as well as purchase protection and insurance while traveling for rental cards and multiple other levels. This card has a laundry list of benefits you can read on the site link below.

Did I mention the card is metal 🙂 It’s the heaviest, most epic looking card and again has saved me at minimum double its yearly cost when utilized.

Use my link as well if your interested when you sign up!




Last but not least for business spending I do most of my spending on the Delta Reserve American Express for Business. This card truly is remarkable and again that companion ticket makes it a no brainer. Again almost identical to the personal one mentioned above but just for any business you run. Check out more here and sign up here if you are interested!



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