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Why The Best Answer Can Be A Question

By Leadership 4 Comments
Do you ever feel backed into a corner with your relationships? Do you feel disarmed and confused when others ask you questions? As humans we have been wired to avoid confrontation or anything that makes us feel uncomfortable or awkward in our relationships. Many people have negative agendas when it comes to their questions and instead of going deeper we follow them down their agenda…
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3 Laws of Personal Development

By Leadership 31 Comments
Sir Issac Newton developed the theories of gravitation in 1666 at 23 years old. Approximately 20 years later in 1686, Newton created the three laws of motion. The laws of motion were scientific breakthroughs and I want to share how it can bring breakthrough to your personal life today. These three laws of motion correlate directly with the three laws…
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2 Ways To See Your Dreams Happen

By Leadership 5 Comments
Have you ever wanted to turn your dream into a reality or your idea into a lifestyle? Every great life, invention, business, product, and accomplishment started with an idea or dream. Every great journey starts with a first step and this message is your first step in seeing your dream become a reality. What goes through your mind when you’re…
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