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Daniel has presented to over 900 different audiences to all different generational age groups. With the emphasis on purpose, marketing, maximizing and empowering leaders and organizational output and impact, Daniel specializes in helping businesses, teams and schools connect to the new generation of customers and employees looking to find their place in the world. Click below to see if Daniel can speak at your next event.

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From schools, companies, products, and people Daniel uses the power of purpose whether it be organizational or personal to drive the value and power of finding meaning in our activities. Daniel breaks down how the greatest companies lead with purpose in their industry, the greatest products are not marketed to sell their product but a purpose that inspires people beyond their product.

Great leaders use purpose to become great by leading people to a greater reality in their life. Great schools use purpose to change the landscape of the educational learning experience. Schools that are making history are not those just aligning to the standards of the many but the stand out by keeping purposeful leading as the forefront of their vision and drive in life.


Whether it be organizationally or personally Daniel inspires rooms of people to engage back as the learner and leader of life. We live when we learn and we lead as we learn and this all happens by loving the life we have chosen. Daniel has brought 1,000s through his Purpose Workbook that engages people as the leader of their life and destiny, helping them create a life plan.

He helps teams, young people all the way to CEO’s through purposeful leadership of their company, creating a plan, having a strategy and being disruptive in their industry.

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