Do you ever feel overwhelmed by all of the crazy things happening to you? Too many people let their experiences get the best of them instead of persisting and pushing and breaking through to success. On this episode of the Dreamcast CEO of Bull & Beard Robby Berthume shares his story on how he took the wave of hardships that life attacked him with and rode it until he came out on top. Take a listen and get inspired by this author, husband and father’s story.

Robby Berthume is an author, speaker, and CEO of Bull & Beard, a matchmaking company that connects brands and advertising agencies with vetted and remarkable creative and digital talent, teams and tools. Incredibly, he started his first digital agency when he was only 14 years old and was a millionaire by the time he hit his early twenties.

He’s also the co-founder and CEO of Millennial Entrepreneur, LLC as well as the co-founder of MANE, a digital shop based in Serbia. He’s been featured in Forbes, Fortune, Fox News and The Huffington Post, to name a few, is a founding member of the Forbes Agency Council and was named by Los Angeles Business Journal’s “Twenty Entrepreneurs in Their Twenties.” Robby has been published over 70 times in 2016 alone and frequently judges creative, interactive and business-oriented competitions.

His book, Millennial Entrepreneur, is set to be released in the Summer of 2017. He holds a marketing degree from Liberty University, and now, he’s a husband and a dad of three living in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. He’s living out his purpose one match at a time.

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